Heinz Beauvaix

COMMANDITAIRE : Verlag System, label espagnol d'électro basé à Valencia < verlagsystem.bandcamp.com > < soundcloud.com/verlag-system >
PROJET : Cover art pour l’album du duo électro danois Heinz Beauvaix, Archive 4 < soundcloud.com/heinzbeauvaix >.
DE L’AMBIENT AU SPACE OPERA ? Je développe les raisons de mon orientation graphique dans le communiqué de presse de l'album : "For the cover, I wanted to create a late 1970's / early 1980's artwork, reflecting both Verlag System's committed artistic direction and Heinz Beauvaix's industrial and psychedelic music. I worked on the notion of scape / scope / dimension, that is some sort of sensation space field, like Flemming Kaspersen and Niels Ronne's vividly visual and narrative electronica can make you feel.
The combination of outer space, galaxies and feature geometry was a perfect metaphor for that: from the chaos of stardust, opposite cold and hot frequencies and delays-creating distance, the lines of synth composition structure a new reality, organized and filtered. This new material - the white square - becomes an electronic signal finally re-emitted in space… All in all, music is a cyclic and mysterious machinery, some sort of abstract space opera ! The Heinz Beauvaix type is also a funny wink to 1974's Cluster's Zuckerzeit".


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